Pawtographs®️ Top Officer And Hero Initiative

If you are Leader within your organization or the community, you can make an incredible difference by encouraging adoption and rescue with your employees, colleagues or associates.
Please contact us at “” or call (856) 617-4026. After a brief discussion, we will send you the necessary information that can be distributed to your associates/friends/employees, encouraging others to consider animal adoption when getting a pet. YOU have the POWER to bring change to this country by changing a single mind. In turn, Pawtographs®️ will send you a Pawtographs®️ Top Officer And Hero Certificate Of Gratitude with the “I Promise” Oath.

Become One Of Our Pawtographs®️
Animal Advocates - And Volunteer

Pawtographs ®️ needs volunteers - and sometimes, it’s an easy effort you can do from home. Please contact us for details:
  • Participate in events
  • Work from home
  • Become a “State Animal Advocate”
We have learned that “one voice” with “one effort” can make the difference. Reach out and be a part of positive change.

Proceeds From All Books Sold Will
Be Donated To Animal Rescue

Apollo and Winslow is based on true events and the lives of two rescued Basset Hounds named Apollo and Winslow. The goal of each book is to teach children how to deal with some of the difficult life lessons they may face when growing up, the importance of animal rescue, and that love knows no bounds for a person or an animal. Also, as the inspiration for the Pawtographs(R) Foundation and multiple animal rescue and welfare initiatives, they represent the change we can all make in the world when we open our hearts to love.