Top Officer And Hero Initiative

If you are Leader within your organization or the community, you can make an incredible difference by encouraging adoption and rescue with your employees, colleagues or associates.

Please contact us at or call (856) 617-4026. After a brief discussion, we will send you the necessary information that can be distributed to your associates/friends/employees, encouraging others to consider animal adoption when getting a pet. YOU have the POWER to bring change to this country by changing a single mind. In turn, Pawtographs®️ will send you a Pawtographs®️ Top Officer And Hero Certificate Of Gratitude with the “I Promise” Oath.

About Pawtographs®️

Pawtographs®️ is a 501(c)(3) under the United Charitable organization, championing animal advocacy and creating awareness for animal rescue and welfare efforts for over 100 programs nationwide in its more than ten years of existence.

Our Mission: To be a defender to animals; and to promote the education and adoption of animals into loving, safe homes while reinforcing the urgent need to manage the overpopulation through spaying and neutering.

Our Vision: To make euthanasia as obsolete as discrimination against breed, age or exterior appearances so that every animal has a loving and safe home.

Our Motto: Love is love, whether for a person or an animal.


Pawtographs Headquarters:
Voorhees, NJ